How the QRCode Saved My Sales Yesterday

IC-600-qrcodeI adore QR codes -they give the savvy customer a rich, in-depth experience beyond print.

Here’s one experience that turned positive IRL.

Using the QR Code to Hopscotch to New Events

Recently, Raleigh Brewery was hosting a trunkshow featuring my leather beer accessories and this forced me to abandon my shop for a day. That’s life in the world of a small business owner.

In addition to my email, facebook status, and twitter updates, I also posted a sign on my door w/a QR code (linked to a blog posting w/more details and event address) allowing the customers to hopscotch to the event with confidence.

[SideNote: I strive to keep a sign posted on my shop door to alert customers of scheduling changes. I encourage others to do the same because this forms trust in the mind of your customer and excellent customer service.]

Throughout the day at Raleigh Brewing TrunkShow, I was thrilled to learn the customers actually used it to find me and introduce more friends and family to my work.

Here’s my sign:


It’s simple, empathic, instructive, with a touch a QR savvy to promote positive expectations between customers and shopkeep.

Let me know if you used QR codes in a similar fashion and how well they worked for you.

Here’s to Cultivating Your Creative Independence

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